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  • Low Cost Fixed Price

    Skyrocket your business future with our low cost fixed price pay monthly plans, allowing you to know with 100% certainty, what your spend will be. We guarantee never to increase the price you pay for as long as you remain a customer.

  • No Big Set-Up Fees

    We know that cash flow is what hurts businesses, and also that large set-up fees will result in them missing out on an opportunity, so we don't charge them! All we ask for is an initial 2 months payment..

  • Watch Your Business Take Off

    We are a team of very experienced marketers and designers, So you can be sure we know what we are doing, and will get you the sort of return you would want to see.


Where Will Your Journey Take You?

 Rather than us tell you, how about one of our clients tells you about us. Read this testimonial:-

"Within three months my website, destined for obscurity, is now ranking back on page one again.
Visitors are rising daily, and the business has a future.

JC has been more than a great SEO consultant.
He knows about business.

He's cheered us on through the dark days, and been confident he'd get our business back.

There are very, very, few people to whom I would give my absolute and complete recommendation.
I would like to thank him for all his support and the wonderful outcome for my business.

I'm available at JC's discretion to talk to interested parties"

We have many more such success stories, become part of the journey.


About Us

Who Are Websites On The Go?

Some Background Information For You.

Websites On The Go are a small group that have been brought together purely to focus on marketing a selected number of businesses within various niches.

Leading the project is James "Chris" Edwards (or Old Welsh Guy as he is known online).  There are 4 people in total on this project, that include marketing, design, and administration roles, ensuring we deliver high quality at low prices. 

We are based near Swansea in South West Wales, but can cover anywhere in the world. We specialise in successfully creating and marketing low cost high quality Mobile & Responsive websites, and marketing them

We intend working with no more than 200 businesses, and never work with competing businesses. this is the strength of our system, that uses Google, Google Images, Google Mobile search, Twitter Facebook, Pinterest and other social media platforms. Websites on the go is part of White Fluffy Sheep ltd


Internet Marketer, SEO Specialist,  Tea Maker

James (Chris) Edwards, or Old Welsh Guy as he is better known online, is an internet marketing specialist who has carried out internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation since long before Google existed. he is known as the Google Expert, has appeared on the BBC to talk about Google, and ranks on page one of Google for the term ‘Google Expert’, above hundreds of millions of others worldwide, and is held in high regard as an industry leader in his field.

So what does he do? He is a marketer, this project is his baby, he thought it up, built and tested it, and is now leading the team to deliver it. He has helped many businesses online from large corporates like Adobe & Norwich union Aviva, down to small local owner businesses (which is the most fun).


What we do.
Mobile Website Design & Marketing

With over 50% of search being carried out on mobile, you need a mobile presence. a version of your site that is fast to load, lightweight attractive and designed specifically for a mobile phone.

Without this, you are losing customers.

We can take the content and colour theme from your existing website, and create a stunning fast reliable mobile version, thus ensuring your business looks more professional to potential customers, and gives them all the benefits of being able to contact you easily, and you the benefits of their enquiries.

Our Mobile Site packages start at £27 a month, with no additional costs, an all in single monthly price.

Fully Responsive Website Design.

Here are some eye opening facts from Google.

Google reports that 40 percent of mobile consumers turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile Web experience, and 57 percent wouldn’t recommend a business with a bad mobile site

48% of mobile visitors who visit a site that is not mobile-friendly felt that the company just didn’t care about their business

3 out of 5 consumers search for local businesses on their smartphone

Over one third of Facebook’s 600 million+ users exclusively use Facebook mobile

Nearly one in three would like brands to send them promotions via mobile device

Over 50% of searches are now carried out on a  mobile, rather than a desktop.

Can you really afford to ignore 50%+ of your potential customers?

Our responsive websites work on desktop, tablet, mobile, they ‘respond’ to screen size, browser etc, and serve up the site in the best way for that device.  This ensures 100% of your potential customers can view your site. We make use of all the latest technology, such as email list building, tap to call buttons, tap to txt buttons, where the user simply taps the button and their phone will call you. This results in 50% more enquiries.

Our Fully responsive packages start at £37 a month, with no additional costs, an all in single monthly price.

Full Service Internet Marketing

That is a fairly wide description of services, but with almost 20 years of Internet marketing experience, this is exactly what we can offer you.

Traditional Search Engine Optimisation (getting your site ranking and bringing in sales) is something that all businesses with a website need.  We have Mobile marketing, via Txt, Email marketing, Marketing via mobile apps, push marketing. Online advertising. All of this and more is something we can help you with.

it isn’t possible to place prices for this service as it is specialist, but get in touch, lets have a chat, maybe a coffee, and biscuit, and lets see if we can work together.

  • Fully Responsive Website
  • £37 / month
  • Works on Desktop/Tablet/Mobile
  • Self Edit (or we make changes)
  • Connected to Fbook & Twitter
  • Google maps & Optimisation
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  • Mobile Website
  • £27 / month
  • Works on Mobile Phones
  • Auto redirect to mobile
  • Fast & Clean
  • Google Mobile Sitemap included
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  • £QUOTE / month
  • Contact us for a brief chat
  • SEO for better rankings
  • Conversion optimisation for more sales
  • Social marketing facebook etc
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Although this is the Specialist Wedding Marketers site, feel free to ask us about anything at all that applies to websites the Web, or marketing, online or offline. We are here to help.

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